About us


We live in a world where change is a constant and technology is disrupting old patterns and systems. Business agility is critical for companies with ambitious expectations in emerging technology markets. It is people who powerfully differentiate responses to change. The right people.

We’re already positioned as go to thought leaders in disruptive technology and digital recruitment. In a highly competitive industry, unlike generalist recruiter companies, we’ll only take you on as a client when we’re certain that we can fulfil your requirements to the max.

If you’re looking to recruit, we’ll work in partnership with you to attract the best of the best, drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the sector and our extensive network of contacts.

If you’re considering new opportunities, we’ll take the time to understand your expectations—the optimum company profile and the role within it—and, just as importantly, what you’re NOT looking for, so your time won’t be wasted looking at irrelevant positions.

We’re passionate about matching dynamic candidates with energetic companies at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Meet the team




With sixteen years’ experience in recruitment, and a passion for all things at the cutting edge of tech, I’m perfectly positioned to match the best talent with the most dynamic companies in the disruptive technology and digital marketing industry, from start-ups to global brands.

International expansion is a particular strength of mine. Whether you’re part of a US company wishing to find your first person on the ground in Europe, or a European company breaking out in the US, I have the networks and the skills to make it happen.

Advisory Board


Abeed Janmohamed

CEO Volando

Abeed is the founder of Volando, a business growth accelerator for startups and high growth companies that works with organisations to develop commercial strategy and facilitate international expansion. In the course of his career, he has developed valuable connections with venture capitalists and investors.

Prior to setting up Volando, Abeed acquired an in-depth knowledge across the technology landscape, working with startups, turnarounds and high growth businesses. He was responsible for launching RadiumOne in Europe, as their first commercial hire outside the US. He has also held senior positions at ESPN and Eagle Eye Technologies.