Hiring directly Vs partnering with a Specialist Recruiter for Immersive positions

Hiring directly Vs partnering with a Specialist Recruiter for Immersive positions

Recruitment isn’t simply the practice of placing a candidate. We recognise and address growth limitations by finding suitable individuals for roles, whether they are actively searching or not. When hiring directly for Immersive professionals, you aren’t always able to cover the whole market – we can.

We excel in our niche by having access to a wealth of talent and knowing who would succeed where, therefore providing hiring solutions that go way beyond the realms of an advertisement. This is especially true in the immersive tech industry where the talent pool is significantly smaller than other markets.

Those in specialist technologies should be asking themselves, can we afford a weak hire? In most cases, no. Businesses should weigh up the cost of not hiring an expert to appeal to candidates. In this article, we provide insight into the benefits of partnering with a specialist recruitment agency.

By hiring directly are you able to recruit the very best talent?

 Whilst an internal recruiter will have a diverse skill set, there’s no guarantee that they fully know the immersive tech industry. In some cases, they might not know that gaming engines like Unreal are being used in other practices for example. Ultimately, niche markets require niche knowledge and we can partner with any internal recruitment team to achieve more when hiring.

The top class of immersive tech rarely apply for random positions. They partner with a recruiter who identifies the best opportunities for development. An internal recruiter will be able to tell the difference between a skilled worker and a chancer but they might not always have access to the elite of immersive tech.

You need to understand their motivation. We succeed by mapping out the ideal career route of individuals in immersive tech and then demonstrating how your business can offer that. When hiring directly, you may not have the time or resources to seek those out in the industry and proactively lure them to your business.

Can you afford second-rate candidates?

First-rate candidates are devoted to the business. They have a wider range of experience, working with various technologies and ultimately more familiar with working under pressure. Whereas a second-rate candidate may struggle to cope with the demands of your projects, costing you in delayed projects and training expenses.

Also, the individuals applying for your role, or the ones that you are approaching yourselves, aren’t the entire market. There are candidates placed in other businesses open to your proposition, they just need someone to present it to them. Specialist recruiters speak to these individuals on a daily basis, giving us an entire overview of the talent pool.

The immersive tech industry is built-up of a lot independent businesses, all fighting to stay as top cog innovator. If you become restricted by a lower ability employee, you aren’t going to come first in the race to technological breakthrough. If you’re not capable of appealing to the high quality candidates then you need to do an internal assessment of the potential damage caused.

Are you able to measure business limitation?

Just recently we spoke with a client who lost a project due to a lack of resources. They had secured the work initially based on a skill set they had yet to hire. However, they weren’t able to get the standard of employee required in time. The project was lost and the brand took a hit to their market reputation.

It isn’t a weakness to look for help. The assumption that you can recruit the necessary talent alone may harm projects and could lead to substandard talent. At Formulate Global we guarantee that you will meet a candidate within two weeks of working with us – are you able to guarantee the same by hiring directly?

Whilst hiring directly can sometimes deliver results, the above should provide some insight into the benefits is using a specialist recruiter.  If you’re looking to partner with the leading provider of  Immersive Technology talent, please get in touch with a member of our team today.